About Us

Definedeal.com provides a platform for groups to Negotiate and Buy from an Offer creator or Service provider. It provides a platform for communities to come together with a Common goal or agenda on a topic by choosing the wide range of categories provided on definedeal.com. On Definedeal platform user always have his choice to Join a group or Create a group to avail the best deals/services offered by various vendors and service providers in their Group. It also allows the user to “Make an Offer” to any group and to do business with many buyers present in the definedeal platform. It’s a platform for both members and vendors to have a win-win situation and to get the best offers on an affordable price that too without compromising on quality.

Definedeal also provides a platform to individuals to form their own group and to participate in group activities under supported Categories or Sub-Categories and exchange their knowledge and experience as well. Our main aim is to provide a big platform to buyers & sellers where they will get a good opportunity and option available to deal for their business in one place. We will try our best to provide the user friendly features and update the portal time to time to avail the best services for our users from Definedeal.com Team.

Other advantages on Definedeal are:

  • Anybody can visit/surf our portal Definedeal.com as a visitor and view the offers and deals and can join according to his/her wish. One can avail all the features of Definedeal.com after register with us.
  • Definedeal.com gives an healthy environment to their users/members after become a part of Definedeal.com family where he/she can create a Group, create an Offers, Join a Group, and avail many more features available in the portal.
  • Members can be part of a discussion, polling/voting, can express their willingness or Interest towards an Offer.
  • Both Offer Creators and Group members can post images, documents and all supported files in their groups and profile pages related to offer.
  • Registered users can invite friends and vendors to join their groups and can schedule meetings. Users can schedule a meetings as given options available under "Schedule a Meeting", he can choose the Group as well as Meeting Locations according to the choice. User has all rights to Unfriend or Block any friends under his/her friends list.
  • There are multiple choice in user setting and group setting, where they keep their privacy from any visitor of the portal.