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DefineDeal is a platform that provides the facility to all Groups to negotiate and buy from one or multiple Offer Creators or Service Providers. It provides Users to join a Group or create a Group according to his/her choice & to avail the best Offer deals/services presented by various vendors & service providers in their respective groups.


DefineDeal provides a platform to Users/Members to create a Group or to join an existing Group to avail the best offers and deals/services offered by various service providers or vendors. Anyone can ‘Make an Offer’ to categorized Group. Members can be a part of discussion, polling, etc. and can express their views and interest about the Offers given in the website.

Any registered User/Member can invite his/her friends to join their Groups after the formalities of registration or sign up with DefineDeal and avail the benefits of the various Offers/Deals. The most prominent feature of DefineDeal is its ‘Meeting Scheduler’ option in User & Member profile. A Member can fix the meeting with Group Members for official agenda by choosing the location mentioned in the scheduler.

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