What Define Deal does?

DefineDeal is a platform for group buying/selling any product or services- Start experiencing "Group Buying"

Individuals planning to buy similar products- Create a group

Found a similar group? Join to buy together & have a better deal

Opportunity for Sellers - Meet a group of buyers & Make "Offers"

Remember- "A Group gets far better deals compared to individuals"

Interested in Community Services & Team activities or Knowledge Sharing- Create or Join an existing group

Invite- Bring others to join in your social or community efforts

Share ideas, views- Organize meetings and events

Social- Invite people to be your friend, and chat to share ideas

Create a new Group- Click on “Start a Group” option on the Top Bar

Join a Group- Click on “Join as member” button in group page

Make an Offer- Click on “Make an Offer” button of a group page

Forum- Group Members can post & share their views, share images

Organize & Schedule meetings- Use "Scheduler" & lead the way!

Settings & various Options- Manage Group & User Profiles efficiently

Chat & Messaging features- Users and Group members to interact more meaningfully and real-time

Key Features

How to Creat a Group

There is a button "START A GROUP" on top of every page i.e. in header section. You can click on that to start a group. Once you click, you will be guided through 5 simple steps which will get your New Group created in DefineDeal.

Please note that you will be needed to sign-in before you can create a group. You can create a group either to buy / sell something OR for social cause or for fun / hobby related.

How to Join a Group

There is a link labelled as "Join" inside each group that are displayed in Home page. You can click it to Join the group. It is advisable to join groups only when you are interested in (either to purchase / sell / to socialize).

Alternatively it is advisable to visit the Group page where you want to join as a member and then click "Join as Member" button (blue colored button in all Group pages).

Joining a group means a lot, hence dont just join. The group will assume that you are joining their group for same objectives for which the group has been created. Hence check the group details like objectives, location etc before you join.

One can go to Member tab of a Group and then click "Quit" to leave a group.

How to Search a Group

There is a button "SEARCH A GROUP" on top of every page i.e. in the top header. You can click on that to search groups.

There are 2 tabs to assist you searching groups. You need to select based on what you are looking for in "Select a Category" and "Select a Subcategory" tabs.

For user convenience, we have provided auto-location. By default you will see only those groups that belong to your city and specific location. If there are no groups in your location, we will display groups elsewhere.

Location Chooser

If you are not seeing any groups in your location, it means there are no groups existing in your location. In order to see groups in other locations, click on cross icon that comes on-hover (on Countries, Cities, Areas). We wish you to create a group and make it big here!